ArtInn Jaipur seeks to create an environment that fosters creativity and individual expression. It is an attempt to acqaint the artist and the traveller alike, with the culture, crafts and the charisma of Rajasthan. We are small and that we believe will help us look after you better.

Art Inn Jaipur

Housed in a quaint cottage designed by a German architect, Art Inn Jaipur offers bed and breakfast for creative people from around the world. With 6 double bed rooms and an in-house terrace studio it could be the destination for your next creation. Get inspired as you discover the finer nuances of the art and crafts practiced by the local artisans …or the magnificence of the forts, palaces and temples of Rajasthan.

You can rent a room or the whole cottage. Our Bed and Breakfast service can be combined with projects on Blue Pottery, Woodcraft [toys, puppets and furniture], Miniature paintings, Jewellery designing and Textiles [Block prints].

Guided visits to historic sites around Rajasthan and special excursions to local artist’s villages can also be arranged.

Midday and evening meals, as well as a laundry service, can be provided for an extra charge. Internet connectivity at no extra charge.

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ArtInn Jaipur